Thames Water board must resign with immediate effect

5 Dec 2023

EMBARGO: Immediate Release

Responding to Thames Water's financial update this morning, where the firm announced its debts have risen and water bills will rise by 40%, Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey said: 

"Enough is enough. Thames Water has become a slow moving car crash.

"The board must resign with immediate effect and must be held accountable for financial and regulatory cover-ups as well as the destruction of local environments.

"It is a national scandal that Conservative Ministers are letting water bills rise by disgusting amounts in order to pay off Thames Water's dirty debts. 

"Millions of people are totally reliant on this disgraced and debt-ladened firm for their water supplies. All of this is on the Conservative government's watch.

"The public are fed up of Conservative Ministers blaming others, taking no action and hiding away. They need to show some backbone and tell board members to go."