Council finally publishes RAAC information after Conservative Mayor refuses to publish list of buildings affected

26 Oct 2023

Bedford Borough Council have finally published some information on Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) in schools and other public buildings. This comes despite the Conservative Mayor refusing to publish the list of buildings that need crumbling concrete checks, following questions from the Liberal Democrats.

At a meeting of the Executive, Liberal Democrat Group Leader Councillor Henry Vann said “Public buildings are also affected and need surveying and have not yet been surveyed. Will the Mayor commit this evening to publishing a list of those schools and council-owned buildings where surveys are required?”

The Mayor refused despite Council officers briefing councillors that 33 maintained schools within the Borough were identifies as being at risk of being affected by RAAC and are being surveyed in more detail.

Councillor Vann said “This is about openness and transparency. Residents deserve to know which buildings are potentially affected. Without a full and transparent list rumours begin to surface and residents become concerned.

“And if, as you say, you are so reassured that there is no problem then publish the list, say the surveys have been conducted and share that with the public. If however, that has not been the case and you have not completed the surveys then the statement you just gave that everything is fine is incorrect. They can’t both be true.

“We all have a right to know and the Mayor has an obligation to keep us properly informed.”

The Council have now published a page with answers to some of the questions residents have been asking. You can view the page at